Ayakara, Scotland On Sunday, 21 August 2016

Published in Scotland On Sunday, 21 August 2016 | Words by Derick Mackinnon and Olaf Furniss. Read on Scotsman.com [in association with EmuBands]

AYAKARA Artist of the Week in Scotland On Sunday
Scotland On Sunday, 21 August 2016, Ayakara

Ayakara have developed quite a fanbase in Edinburgh, since forming in 2015 while still at school. The Leithers have released three EPs and are establishing a reputation for their live shows, which often involve audience participation.

With a pacey sound which draws on everything from 1960s garage to 1990s indie rock, the quintet’s next release Bitter Kiss, is likely to win new converts, in part thanks to its musical nod to The Strokes. The single is due to coincide with the band’s latest tour which begins in Dundee on 10 September and ends in London on 24 September.

Scotland On Sunday readers can listen to Bitter Kiss via this exclusive link: https://soundcloud.com/ayakaramusic/bitter-kiss/s-Wk9Tf

Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon run the Born To Be Wide the music scene seminar and social night. Their next event takes place at the Edinburgh International Book Festival Spiegel Tent at 9pm on 23 August and features veteran Smash Hits/NME journalist Sylvia Patterson and Honeyblood’s Stina Tweeddale. www.borntobewide.co.uk

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