New Found Sound offer various services for Venues, Artists, Bands and Businesses. Including; full service Marketing/Press Campaigns, installing/hosting Websites to management of your Social Media Channels or creating Electronic Press Kits / delivering Training workshops:

>> Creation of an Electronic Press Kit so you can contact press and media only £99.00 (for a limited time) or a responsive WordPress Website for only £250.00. We can do full service Press and Marketing Campaigns please email: Order below or visit our SHOP

Package for just £250.00 >> [suitable for Individuals, Bands, Venues, Businesses and more]
• This includes: 1) REGISTRATION and PURCHASE of Your Website [eg ***]
• 2) One year’s inclusive HOSTING [where your content is stored, saving of approx. £5 per month]
• 3) INSTALLATION using Free WordPress Themes
• 4) Social Media Links plugged in for each page, an Integrated Mailing List, Flickr Account, Google Analytics, SHOP created and various additional plugins / features so you can get started straight away
• 5) SEO/Analytics We will also have your website Verified with Google and other services, install Google Analytics so you can monitor and analyse your visitors and optionally we can set up a professional email account [eg hello @ ]

• >> Once you’ve chosen your Theme [website layout] and your Website is up and running you will receive a Full Digital Download Pack with easy-to-follow Instructions on how to further update and populate your Website with content, edit the website, use basic HTML and a whole lot more.
>>> INCLUDED: We’ll provide support by email / phone during the early stages, so have a look around and get in touch with any questions
• >>>> Please Note: Email Account – IF you want New Found Sound to set up an email account for you it will cost an additional £3.30 per month, which you can arrange directly, the first month is FREE.

NB: ***This offer is inclusive of the cost of purchasing a website address for one year and New Found Sound will host your website too. IF you wish to upgrade and purchase a Dot Com [.com] URL then please use the CONTACT section to inform NFS about this as it’s more expensive.

Please feel free to contact Derick Mackinnon with any questions