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Greg Pearson, Scotland on Sunday, 12 July 2015

Published in Scotland On Sunday, Spectrum Magazine: Sunday 12 July 2015 | Words by Derick Mackinnon and Olaf Furniss

Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon Scotland On Sunday, Spectrum Magazine 12 July 2015, Greg Pearson

Edinburgh’s Greg Pearson has spent the past couple of years fine-tuning his pop songwriting skills while simultaneously working his live show. In April, his demo of the forthcoming digital single, These Walls [out on 24 July], was one of the few songs to get a universal thumbs up from the A&R listening panel at Wide Days – no mean feat given it included an X Factor scout and the owner of ultra-credible indie label Fat Cat Records

In an interesting move, Pearson has applied an approach more commonly favoured by dance acts, recording two different versions of the same song. The more upbeat rendition was produced by Garry Boyle in the same studio complex used by the likes of REM, Frightened Rabbit and The Proclaimers. For those who prefer their pop with strings and piano, we recommend the version recorded by David Whitmey. Both would fit very comfortably on daytime radio playlists, and if there is any justice, that is where they will end up.

Listen at http://bit.ly/1H305WG

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