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Modern Studies, Scotland On Sunday, 19 June 2016

Published in Scotland On Sunday, 19 June 2016 | Words by Derick Mackinnon and Olaf Furniss. Read on [in association with Lindisfarne Festival]

Scotland On Sunday, 19 June 2016, Modern Studies

The term supergroup tends to conjure up images of self-indulgent aging rockers, usually past their sell-by date.

However, Modern Studies are the exception, bringing together the combined talents of the amazing Emily Scott, the ubiquitous Rob St John, drummer/venue manager Joe Smillie and arguably Scotland’s most prolific cellist Pete Harvey. Carried by a piano melody and Scott’s captivating vocals, the band’s debut single Ten White Horses begins as an understated joy before building into a magical climax of quirky brilliance.

The single gives a taste of Modern Studies’ debut album, Swell To Great, which is released on Song, By Toad Records in September, and we predict it will be a contender for next year’s SAY Award.

Expect a bunch of dates to be announced soon and in the meantime listen to Modern Studies at

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DTHPDL, Scotland On Sunday, 3 April 2016

Published in Scotland On Sunday, 3 April 2016 | Words by Derick Mackinnon and Olaf Furniss Read on

Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon, Scotland On Sunday, 27 March, Scumpulse

HAILING from Edinburgh, DTH PDL (Deathpodal) is the solo project of singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and soundtrack artist Alastair J Chivers.

Live, the band swells to a four-piece, with a sound that combines synth-soundscapes, squealing indie guitar licks, weird pop vocal melodies plus a dose of punk and grunge.

The band have just completed a tour across Scotland and are being championed by a growing list of music industry tastemakers. Their latest EP, The Future is released on the retro cassette format and digital download via Edinburgh’s excellent Song, By Toad Records on 18 April. The official EP launch party takes place at Leith Depot on 22 April, followed by an appearance at the inaugural Restless Natives Festival in Glasgow’s East End on 10 May. Listen to The Future at:

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