Wolfnote, Scotland On Sunday, 26 November 2017

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WOLFNOTE Artist of the Week in Scotland On Sunday

Scotland On Sunday, 26 November 2017, Wolfnote

Paul Dennington is a rare talent who takes the DIY ethos to creative heights, setting himself apart from the herd with excellent self-directed videos, gigs in exotic locations and some great tunes to match.

After several years as the drummer (and producer) in Edinburgh band The Dark Jokes, Dennington is back with a solo project entitled Wolfnote and an eponymous album will be released on Thursday.

An atmospheric, sometimes haunting, collection of songs which a combine a slightly folky vocal style with electronic effects, acoustic guitars, harp and spacious bass, they are perfectly suited to Leith’s Ukrainian Church on Dalmeny Street, where the launch takes place on 7 December (click HERE for FREE tickets)

We also recommend checking out his videos shot in locations as far flung as Sao Paolo and Glencoe see http://bit.ly/PDVid1 and http://bit.ly/PDVid2

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